Оля (enka_letka) wrote,

ubuntu 18.04 - have fun!

I never compose entries in English in livejournal just because my native language is by far more convenient for me. But this time when I've decided to write a short entry about new cascade of problems with my working computer, it seems that I have only one choice now because with the newly installed operation system Ubuntu 18.04 I can not switch between different languages without some tricky manipulations which are actually unknown even to our system administrator! Well, I'am an experienced user of internet and can find an appropriate solution in many cases but here I see no reason why I can add all languages to the language panel and see the current language in the status bar but it has just no influence on the input language in brower or terminal...
I have been working in computational chemistry since 2006 and you might suppose that I love Linux. No. Actually, I hate it. I also hate Macs. The only operation systems which I can tolerate more or less is Windows. I do not appeal you to blame my choice or to convince me to adopt another point of view. You know, not all the dreams (even about have Windows working machine!) can be logically justified, it is more about feeling comportable. I am absolutely capable to organize my scientific life with Mac or Linux computer but suddenlly, when our system administrators have decided to reinstall the system at all desktop computers last week, I muss struggle with a bunch of very weird issues concerning not science but just very general system settings...

P.S. If you see errors in this text, it is normal and I do not expect my followers to correct them. Normally, if I make typos or even errors in Russian, I get no response (only from my Sergey) and I expect the same reaction to this private entry in English.

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